CMI offer comprehensive planning/development advice to all their clients throughout Northern Ireland. The team, with a wealth of planning experience and knowledge can boast a successful track record across both the Public and private planning sectors. Early engagement with CMI in the development thought process can make for more efficient advancement of strategic aims. We can help at various stages in the development cycle with our services which include the following –

Strategic Advice
When considering investment, and before committing significant resources in land acquisitions it is wise to take advice from us. We can advise on likely planning outcomes. We can help you find development opportunities, or we can advise you on specified areas of interest. 

Feasibility Study
When a particular site has been identified by our client we can offer direct, sometimes blunt advice about the prospects of winning a planning approval. Such advice is often informed by wider considerations than planning. There are few issues which we will not have encountered before.

Planning Applications
Applications should be prepared and presented in a manner which offers the best chance of success. The time for simply attaching a map with a red line has passed.

Supporting Statements
Applications for permission to develop lands should be supported with a statement demonstrating compliance with all the material considerations. It is often the case that applications on their way to refusal can be approved if post application supporting evidence is persuasive.

Enforcement notices or warning letters regarding unauthorised development can be worrying. When such a notice/letter has been received by our client we can offer direct advice about the prospects of winning a planning approval and/or regularising the unauthorised development.

Planning Appeal
When an application for a development has been refused planning permission, or looks likely to be refused, a planning appeal can be the preferred option. If we are convinced that you have a winnable case we will apply all our skill, experience and tenacity to advance your case. 

Environmental Impact Assessment
Development proposals likely to have significant impact on the environment must be accompanied by a detailed analysis of the impact on the environment. These will typically necessitate the involvement of many different professionals. As well as drafting the planning sections of these documents we generally act as co-ordinator and lead consultant.

The listings above are not exhaustive. We encounter different issues every week and tailor our service to respond appropriately.

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