Enough solar energy reaches the earth’s surface every hour to power the world for a year. Solar power is an essential solution to the world’s long term energy needs. The potential is huge and largely untapped. Solar technologies are effective and an increasingly economic choice as conventional energy prices rise.

  • A proven, low maintenance technology
  • An inexhaustible resource with predictable financial returns
  • Flexible and quickly installed on buildings and land

We provide an extensive and tailored service for organisations looking to undertake a solar project. We can assist in either an advisory or project management capacity as solar technology and our service can be scaled for commercial or utility scale.

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CMI has undertaken wind energy projects throughout Northern Ireland. The company understands the commercial demands of wind farming, working with individuals and companies alike. Our practice offers the following –

Site search and evaluation – from single turbines to large wind farms. CMI provides expert interpretation of planning policy and environmental constraints, taking into account the particular requirements of wind energy projects during construction and operation. Specialist aviation, radar and telecommunications assessments can also be commissioned.



Environmental impact.

Planning appeal and expert witness










Grid connection analysis – CMI can identify the feasibility of connecting to the local electricity distribution network, and the potential need for network upgrades.

Site sale or lease- CMI has a number of investors who will either lease or buy suitable wind energy sites.

CMI is an experienced partner. We can provide feasibility, detailed design, project management, through to construction, finance, ownership, asset sale or continued energy generation and carbon saving.



Having gained approval for two large scale anaerobic digestion plants in the Northern Ireland we are in a unique position to advise on all aspects of anaerobic digestion.

Anaerobic digestion is an emerging technology which produces methane gas from the storage of feedstuffs. This is then burnt to produce electricity and a bio-fertiliser that can be spread onto land. A range of anaerobic digestion technologies are converting livestock manure, municipal wastewater solids, food waste, high strength industrial wastewater and residuals, fats, oils and grease (FOG), and various other organic waste streams into biogas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Separated digested solids can be composted, utilized for dairy bedding, directly applied to cropland or converted into other products. Nutrients in the liquid stream are used in agriculture as fertilizer.Feedstuffs vary from maize, grass silage through to food waste from supermarkets and kitchen waste from residential properties.

We would carry out an initial feasibility study to assess the site’s suitability and recommend major developers who are specialists in this field.




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